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Use Cases Video Identification

Protection Against SIM Swapping

Telco |
Protection Against SIM Swapping

Fraudulent practices related to SIM cards can lead to fines and penalties for telephone companies that do not adequately protect their customers. nebulaID’s remote video identification makes the issuance of SIM cards secure, without the risk of identity theft.

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Identity Management on Court Proceedings

Justice |
Identity Management on Court Proceedings

It is becoming more common for different public bodies to choose to implement remote identification as a way to streamline work processes. However, this video identification must be scalable and operational and meet the eIDAS requirements. All these necessities are fulfilled by nebulaID and developed in this Use Case.

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Credit Management through mobile phone in office

Financial Environment|
Credit Management

Financial services companies offer loans to their customers with various offers, which they may accept in person or through a remote process that is not standard compliant. Víntegris Remote Video Identification solves this problem and gives these businesses a safe and effective tool.

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Woman doing registration for the Municipal Census

Public Administration|
Registration in the Municipal Census

Registration in the municipal census generally requires the presence of the citizen at the city hall or registry office. Through the current regulatory framework, remote video identification makes it possible to carry out the procedure remotely and accelerates interactions between Public Administrations and the citizens.

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Students in a class with laptops

Education |
Student's Onboarding

The student’s onboarding process is based on attendance or via web portals with usernames and passwords. With remote video identification, the students can comfortably, rapidly, and securely identify themselves from any device.

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QA in Technical Departments / Laboratories

Manufacturing |
QA in Technical Departments / Laboratories

Companies whose production is subject to audits by public bodies must pay attention to their quality checks, with which they will avoid fines, product withdrawals, or suspension. Implementing remote video identification reduces this risk and makes it easier for quality departments to work.

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Two men shaking hands after successful job interview

HR |
Employee Onboarding

Even today, employee onboarding relies on their attendance. This process can be carried out remotely thanks to remote video identification, which guarantees a quick employee incorporation, with broad legal guarantees, from any place and device and at a reduced cost.

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a woman and a man checking in at the counter

Hospitality |
Remote Check-In

Check-in and check-out usually work as mixed processes (the booking is done online, and the information is verified in person), a process that could become entirely online through remote video identification. Customers can safely self-identify, saving time and enhancing their experience.

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Use Cases Credit Scoring

SCORING Finanzas

Financial Environment |
Credit Risk Management

Both banks and entities and/or financial institutions offer a series of products (mortgages, credits, insurance, etc.) that carry
associated with credit risk. This factor must be assessed when signing a service, whether with a natural or legal person, to guarantee the security of the entity.

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SCORING Inmobiliarias

Real Estate |
Validity of deposit and rental contracts

The real estate market suffered, throughout the second quarter of 2022, a total of 7,871 evictions derived from non-payment of rent. These data highlight the need, on the part of real estate agencies, to guarantee the client who wants to rent a home, the economic solvency of the potential tenant and thus avoid lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

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Retail |
Evaluation of the Default Risk Profile for microcredits and instant financing

The wide range of instant financing products, such as microcredits, microloans or revolving cards, are a driving force for the economy, allowing most families to acquire a wide variety of consumer goods: mobile phones, household appliances, university tuition , vehicles, travel, clothing, etc.

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