Security Policy

Information Security Policy and Privacy Protection of Víntegris

Víntegris Management is aware that the information, the personal data of our users and clients, and the organisation’s knowledge are vital assets for the organisation and, therefore, require adequate protection.

In order to respond to the trust that our clients give us and ensure the quality of the services offered, Víntegris has implemented an Information Security and Privacy Information Management System aimed at carrying out effective management of the risks to which they are exposed and, with this, guarantee an adequate internal control of them, minimise the possible damages that could be derived and appropriately provide the services.

With this Policy, Víntegris Management ensures the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of the information assets and the necessary traceability and authenticity. Likewise, this Policy provides the reference framework for our Information Security and Privacy Information Management System that must allow us to:

  • Establish the necessary objectives and responsibilities.
  • The integration of Information Security and Privacy Protection in all processes and services of the organisation.
  • The implementation of controls and measures necessary to minimise risks to information security and privacy information.
  • Preservation of the company’s knowledge and intellectual property.
  • Compliance with business, contractual, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The application of the guidelines, norms, and procedures that are established from time to time.
  • The awareness and continuous training of all staff.
  • The entirely satisfactory resolution of incidents and the learning of these.
  • A process of review and continuous improvement.

The scope of this Policy includes all Víntegris employees, all personnel subcontracted by Víntegris and all external collaborating companies that access Víntegris Information, as well as the information systems that support business processes and the services provided.

Whatever the job and the functions of each Víntegris employee, we are all fully responsible for its application in our field of action, thus ensuring its effectiveness, continuous improvement and the satisfaction of external and internal customers and users.

This Information Security and Privacy Protection Policy is disseminated, understood, implemented, and updated at all levels of the company and made available to the general public.

Barcelona, October 8, 2021
Javier Bustillo, Víntegris CEO