Security Policy

Security Policy and Management of Víntegris Service

Víntegris’ Management recognises the Information and the Systems that support and process it as one of its most important assets to protect, establishing the objective of maintaining the quality of the services offered. With it, Vintegris addresses the effective and efficient management of the risks to which they are subject, guaranteeing an adequate internal control of the same and an appropriate level of quality of service management.

Security Policy and Service Management constitutes a statement of the position of Víntegris Management related to the security of the Information Systems and the quality of the IT services offered. Moreover, it establishes the objectives and responsibilities necessary to protect the assets of information managed, guaranteeing their integrity, availability and confidentiality, complying with the current legal framework, and respecting the guidelines, rules, and procedures established in due course.

The scope of this Policy includes all Units, Areas, Departments, employees and subcontracted personnel that access the Information Systems that Víntegris requires to offer IT services and external collaborating companies.

The Policy applies to all Information Systems of the Organization and/or supporting its business processes and affects all information assets supported by them.

Likewise, it is a legal and ethical obligation for Víntegris to guarantee, in the same terms, the security of the information that concerns its clients, collaborating entities and the competent official bodies.