Quality Policy


The Organization wants to ensure the achievement of the company’s objectives through the full adherence, by all employees, to the principles identified in the System of Quality Management, to the requirements of the UNE EN ISO 9001 standards and to the requirements Legislative, normative, and regulatory.

The Organization applies the Policy inspired by the following principles:

  • Identify the real needs of the Client by proposing a capable product/service to satisfy customer needs, promoting the degree of reliability of the service offered in terms of Quality, Information Security and Continuity of the Business;
  • Propose the most appropriate solutions to improve product performance and services and keep them constantly updated, so that the architecture of the Management System, guarantee full satisfaction and compliance with the Quality Management requirements demanded by the reference standard and by-laws current and binding in general;
  • Support the client so that the requirements of the product are respected, both specific as binding, and satisfy the end-user;
  • Ensure availability and punctuality in the resolution of possible incidents that may threaten the service both in terms of quality, business continuity and information security;
  • Guarantee absolute rigor in the search for possible risks related to the service, carrying out continuous surveillance through internal audits and management examination;
  • Putting into practice systematic risk management, carrying out, if necessary, extraordinary examinations through the “Risk Analysis and Management”;
  • Maintain full compliance with the company’s procedures, instructions, policies, and directives after risk review, to ensure full compliance with the system, standards, laws, regulations, and directives, as well as contractual obligations relating to the provision of services;
  • Provide a high-quality standard with added value;
  • Achieve full customer satisfaction.

The management and employees of Víntegris, fully embracing the philosophy of the company, set themselves as an additional objective the full manifestation of these principles to the companies.


September 2020