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The Solution for the Assessment of Default Risk in real time

nebulaSCORING obtains, in a few minutes, all the official documentation required for the credit risk assessment of a potential client.

An ALL in ONE tool

Automates access to the different electronic offices of the Spanish Public Administration: employment history, tax credit, income, census, and many more.

Collection of
Qualified Signature
of the operation

Information gathering for Credit Scoring & Remote Qualified Signature to finalize the transaction

The solution gets the documentation directly from the official electronic offices of the different Spanish public administrations (National Health, Tax Agency, Bank of Spain, National Police, etc.), with full guarantee and security, in real-time. The receiving entity assesses the credit score of the potential client and whether to offer the service according to the associated risk

Remote Qualified Signature to finalize the transaction

nebulaSCORING allows the transaction to be finalized with a remote qualified signature, providing the highest legal guarantee to the operation and ensuring its integrity.

Gestión de la identidad Digital con nebulaSUITYE



  • Automation of the credit-scoring process
  • Collection of documents and evaluation of the credit profile in real-time
  • Remote access to information prevents travel
  • ALL in ONE – application, collection of documentation, delivery for evaluation and qualified digital signature

Improve user experience and brand image

  • Enhance the user experience with an intuitive interface
  • Accessibility from any device and place
  • The fast and simple process that helps improve the acceptance rate, reduce the abandonment rate and favor engagement

Security and Legal Guarantee

  • Helps to identify the credit risk of each profile more reliably
  • Eliminates the possibility of document fraud by obtaining the information directly from the Administration in which it is stored, without the intervention of third parties
  • Verification of the client’s identity through video identification for the issuance of qualified certificates with which to sign the operation with a qualified signature, providing legal validity
  • Issuance and administration of Qualified Digital Certificates
  • Safe custody of Certificates through Centralization in the cloud
  • Secure and traceable operations, entirely transparent for the end user
  • Provides a qualified signature to finalize any transaction, with full legal guarantees

Access to the Official Spanish Public Administration Platforms with a Qualified Digital Certificate

nebulaSCORING contemplates three types of scenarios depending on the needs of each client

Client with identity verified by the entity that offers the service and WITHOUT a Digital Certificate

When the user is a client of the entity that offers the service and does not have a certificate, the Víntegris Certification Authority, vinCAsign, issues a qualified certificate that is centralized in nebulaCERT.

Client WITHOUT Digital Certificate

When the user does not have a Digital Certificate, the Víntegris CA issues a qualified certificate centralized in nebulaCERT.

In this case, the client’s identity is verified through video identification with nebulaID.

Client WITH Digital Certificate

If the user has a digital certificate, the certificate is imported into nebulaCERT.

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