Legally-compliant digital signaturesLegally-Compliant Digital Signatures

Legally-compliant digital signatures


Simple, Easy and Legally-Compliant Digital Signatures

Easy and Fast Signatures to Keep the Ball Rolling

Don’t let distance hinder your signature processes —use it in your favor to create new business opportunities, eliminating bottlenecks in production.

Get recognized qualified digital certificate or handwritten signature to approve or sign documents in an easy and quick way on your computer, smartphone or tablet, at the workplace or on the go.

Legally-Compliant Digital Signatures for Your Organization

nebulaSIGN enables companies, employees and authorized third parties to use legally-compliant digital signatures, protected by encryption for maximum trust. Besides, nebulaSIGN helps you comply with eIDAS Regulation through the PKI platform, vinCAsign, due to its qualified digital certificates.

Convenience and Flexibility for Multiple Signatories to Keep the Work Flowing

Save time, accelerate approvals of documents and streamline processes with nebulaSIGNS’s workflows. Approval of documents by several users has never been so easy and reliable.

  • Simplify the approval of documents by several signatories thanks to its workflow capability.
  • Allow co-signatures, and get a simple monitoring of the process.
  • Get an explanation when a signature is denied.

Bulk Signing to Stay Ahead of the Game

Having thousands of documents to sign? No problem —nebulaSUITE’s automated bulk signing feature will help your organization get them automatically signed on demand.

Reliable and Secure Signatures

With nebulaSIGN you have the security of your document signing and approval operations guaranteed:

  • By digital certificate for the organization
  • By digital certificate or handwritten signature with biometric control for employees or clients
  • Without installing certificates on the device

The process of signing is protected through encryption to guarantee your privacy.

Toward the Paperless Office

Using digital signatures helps organizations save time and reduce paperwork-related costs, such as printing, transporting, storing and destroying documents. And it keeps documents well-organized. Plus, becoming paperless is eco-friendly, since it contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint, which is in part to blame for the greenhouse effect.

It’s time to go paperless and start using digital signatures with nebulaSIGN.


A Wide Range of Signature Options

  • Digital signature on PDF files
  • Handwritten signatures
  • Digital signatures via the user’s digital certificates held centrally in the nebulaCERT system
  • Handwritten electronic signatures (digitized signature) embedded in PDF documents

High Compatibility and Easy Distribution

  • Operational via Internet or Intranet
  • Compatible with iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Integrated with OTP or directory authentication
  • Easy distribution (BYOD based)

Workflow Capability

  • Simple monitoring of the process
  • Personalization of complex workflows
  • Explanation included when a signature is denied
  • Co-signatures


Protection of all signing procedures through encryption.

Legal Compliance Assured

Designed in accordance with eIDAS Regulation.

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