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Digitizing movement

Digital & Biometric Signature pad and multi-touch presentation screen

Use Cases

The combination of the biometric software, ENSOFT 2, and ENSIGN 11 signature pad becomes a comprehensive solution that covers different necessities from organizations of all industries and governments.

Sectors such as Banking, Tourism, Healthcare, Education and more, can obtain key benefits by implementing ENSIGN Suite in their day to day business processes and activities.


Share Educational Content
with ENSIGN11

ENSIGN 11 can be converted into a multifunctional pad for online education. Both students and teachers will be able to share educational content in real-time, improving their remote learning and teaching experience.


  • Share and display customizable multimedia content in real-time.
  • Enhance the remote teaching and learning experience for students and teachers.
  • Offers excellent readability and portability.

ENSIGN11 for education


Streamlining Banking Activities
with a digital and integrated service

Financial Institutions have to satisfy clients’ needs for security and trust while making important commercial decisions and assuring integration with technology.


  • Digitize document management processes without modifying the user experience.
  • Integration of innovative technology with day-to-day operations such as Account Registration, Mortgages, Loans.
  • Elimination of paper, management and storage costs.
ENSIGN11 Banking

Signing Digitally in Branch: Opening New Accounts, signing Contracts, Loans, Mortgages

ENSIGN11 Banking Workflow


  • The service maintains its traditional experience for the client, attended in person.
  • Secure capture of customer data, including personal information, through the NFC chip of identity documents.
  • Automatic filling of the contracts to be signed, eliminating the working times of each file.
  • The customer receives an automatic confirmation.
  • Possibility of launching commercial and marketing promotions on the signature screen, optimizing its use when it is not necessary to sign.


Signing Solutions to welcome
guests faster

The hospitality industry has to guarantee to their clients the best, frictionless experience, providing efficient systems to check in and out, cutting waiting times and additional costs.

An efficient face to face onboarding for the guests

ENSIGN Suite offers to the tourism sector a complete set of fast and digital services, both presencial and unattended, which smooth the whole day-to-day process without interfering with the traditional user experience.

By implementing the Solution, the accommodation service will securely capture customer data, including all personal information, through the NFC chip of their identity documents.

ENSIGN11 for Tourism
ENSIGN11 Hospitality Workflow


  • With NFC authentication, filling the documentation fulfilment becomes automatic, reducing the working time of each file.
  • Displaying commercial and marketing promotions on the signature screen, when inactive.

Unattended Workstation for Guest Registration
and Check Out


ENSIGN Suite supports the tourism sector by automating customer care services through unattended workstations, improving the user experience while cutting waiting times.

ENSIGN11 Hospitality Workflow Registration & Check out


  • Coordinated and centralized organization of several welcome points.
  • Faster registration process, raising the customer service quality.
  • Elimination of paper and human intervention in the process, saving management and storage costs, with the reduction of mistakes.


Signing Medical consents
digitally and safely

Informed Consent’s Signing Process

The integration of the biometric signature Solution in Healthcare activities gives patients the opportunity to experience a smoother signing process by accelerating the fulfilment of documentation, maintaining a high level of security. It preserves compliance with legal requirements through a digital service, integrated into internal management systems.

Which documents can be signed?
  • Surgical and invasive treatments.
  • Supply of medicines with risks on the patient.
  • Voluntary patient discharge.
  • Consent to the processing of personal data.
ENSIGN11 for Healthcare
ENSIGN11 Healthcare Workflow


  • Coordinated and centralized organization of several welcome points, attended and unattended, in a single computer system.
  • Option to integrate NFC Data capture to validate patient’s personal data.
  • With NFC authentication, the documentation fulfilment is automatic, reducing time for each file.
  • Digitize management processes without affecting validity requirements.
  • Integration of innovative technology with day-to-day operations.
  • Eliminate paper consumption, management and storage.

Collecting Medicines Automatically through
unattended workstation


With our biometric signature solution, healthcare institutions maintain the security guarantee and preserve compliance with legal requirements with a digital service, integrated into internal management systems.

Collecting medicines workflow


  • Reducing queues and waiting times.
  • Immediate update of the centralized drug registry.
  • Tracking of the collection and guarantee of safety with graphometric signature.


Fulfilling Insurance paperwork
through ENSIGN Suite

Car rental digital signing

Insurance paperwork requires a high level of trust and security for its approvals. Thanks to the advanced electronic signature enabled by ENSIGN Suite and based on biometrics, legal standards are met, assuring the legal value of the contract.

ENSIGN11 for Insurance
ENSIGN11 Insurance Workflow


  • Option to choose between an attended or unattended mode.
  • Possibility to sign insurance contracts related to the car rental contract, with full legal value.
  • Reducing time for the document signing.
  • Eliminate costs related to paper consumption and archiving.