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Design of Security Software

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We design and implement turnkey projects or work with the client to develop a custom solution. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of fields and sectors, including*:

  • Banking and insurance companies: design and implementation of authentication systems and web access control authorisations for employees, agents and third parties related to the business, as well as for external partners.
  • Internet banking: secure internet transactions using two-factor token authentication, access control and centralised auditing (using both our own and other commercial technology).
  • Logistics: we have developed a system that controls and protects intellectual property applied to a Linux development environment which allows the transfer of source codes and executable files between development and production environments protected via the user's digital signature.
  • Mobility: secure client intranet access system for mobile devices which uses robust authentication and SSO access in BYOD devices.
  • Customised security solutions:
  • Implementation of intrusion protection systems.
  • Implementation of password synchronisation and identity management systems.
  • Domain federation for e-commerce applications.
  • Encrypted email system for users that are external to the organisation, to facilitate compliance with the LOPD Data Protection Act (implemented in banking, insurance and ISP companies).
  • Management and workflow systems for digital signing of corporate documents for clients and suppliers.
  • Business continuity plans for financial, industrial and service companies.

*We cannot cite specific examples as all of our projects are subject to confidentiality provisions.