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Versatile and complete robust authentication system

Choose from among a wide range of robust authentication methods for each of your users to cover all your organisation's needs.

The freedom your authentication system needs

Don’t make do with half measures: with vinACCESS you’ll cover all your organisation’s authentication needs and have the possibility of freely choosing the authentication method for every individual user and system.

For VPN/private website acces, access to applications, application content or workstation. For the whole business or just one user. Implement according to the needs of the user, access level risk or budget. For employees, clients or third parties. 

Give each of your users the authentication method that best suits their needs, the risk level of their data and your company's budget.

vinACCESS® lets you choose from ten authentication methods and add others without modifying the system:

  • OTP via SMS
  • OTP via Email
  • OTP using a grid card 
  • CAPTCHA translation token
  • Software token mobile app with four OATH authentication systems:
    • Time-based OTP
    • Event-based OTP
    • Numerical challenge-response OTP
    • QR code-based challenge-response OTP
  • Connection with RSA SecurID and other similar systems
  • Digital certificate authentication for any certification authority
  • Guaranteed integration of new authentication methods upon the client's request

VinACCES® boasts over 100,000 licenses in Spain and is being launched in a number of countries throughout Europe and the Americas.

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