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A versatile, robust authentication system for businesses of all sizes.

Choose the robust authentication method for access to web applications that best suits your users and manage it via the cloud.

All the features of vinACCESS® are now available to every business, regardless of the number of users

Ensure secure access to your web applications for each of your users, using the authentication method that best suits their needs or data risk levelThere is no need for a separate supporting infrastructure as this solution works on a pay-as-you-go basis.

NebulaACCES® offers four different authentication methods for users:

  • OTP using a grid card with or without PIN.
  • OTP via SMS.
  • Software tokens for mobile devices (VinTokenMovil).

The system administrator chooses the authentication method that best suits each user. To securely access the company's web applications, users need only connect to NebulaACCES® and identify themselves using the information provided by the system administrator.

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