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  • BetaSystems


    • Garancy Access Intelligence Manager: multidimensional analysis of access rights and evaluation of associated risks (business intelligence dedicated to access security).
    • SAM Enterprise Identity Manager: automate identity management and access to IT resources. Centralization, consistency maintenance and use of these data.
    • SAM Business Process Workflow: automate business processes that imply access rights, with a powerful engine and a user-friendly interface.
    • SAM Password Management: secure and simplified access to applications.
    • Beta 88: RACF access management. Audit and real time monitoring of RACF events.
  • Forcepoint


    • WebSecurity: web content filtering
    • Data Security: data loss prevention (DLP)
    • Email Security: antispam, antivirus, content and encryption
  • Hitachi


    • Hitachi PM (formerly P-Synch): password synchronisation and management
  • Lumension Security

    Lumension Security

    • DeviceControl: workstation device control
    • Application control: Software and system signatures that ensure integrity and protection from external threats.
    • PatchLink: software update management and vulnerability prevention
  • Novell


    • SecureLogin: cross-platform SSO technology
    • Identity Management
  • Realsec


  • RSA


    • SecurID: two-factor authentication
    • enVision: log consolidation and management
    • DLP
  • VMware


  • TivoliSoftware


    • Tivoli Access Manager: Website/SSO website access management and control
  • Thales


    • Digital data storage (HSM)