Víntegris launches its flagship products in Latin America

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Víntegris begins in 2014 the introduction of their products vinCERT ® and vinACCESS ® in Latin America and the Caribbean, after reaching an agreement with the U.S. distributor ProAxis.

vinACCESS® and vinCERT ® and the flagship products of te company. Both have provided added value in the segments of custody of certificates and authentication, and have the backing of the Spanish market, with 40,000 to 100,000 licenses sold, respectively.

"Advanced technology products that enable fast start"

Albert Acuña , co-founder and partner of ProAxis shows his confidence in Víntegris products. In his words, " the Vintegris products and services that we will distribute in the Latin American market are considered advanced technology in the growing space of certificates and digital signatures, and have such a maturity that enables rapid implementation ."

According to Philippe Kuperman , co-founder and partner of ProAxis , " in addition to great products, Víntegris has a deep understanding and a strategic vision of the market for digital certificates and strong authentication. His grades and excellent customer base generate a very effective added value that goes beyond the excellence of its technology platform , making it a strategic partner."

The alliance with ProAxis allow the Spanish company extend its range of products and solutions in new markets "in a more aggressive way," according to Facundo Rojo, Víntegris CEO.

Simultaneously, ProAxis Vintegris and have also signed an agreement whereby the Spanish developer represent the security solutions portoflio of ProAxis in Spain , Portugal and Andorra, such as THYCOTIC Secret Server (administration of passwords) and GTB DLP (Data Loss Prevention).

Víntegris launches its flagship products in Latin America