vinCERT® 2.3 is already available

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The new version includes signature of applications and increases system performance for high volume users.

Víntegris has released the new version 2.3 of vinCERT®, the pioneer system in the management, control and audit of use of digital certificates, which already has 40,000 users in Spain. The update incorporates the novelty of using certificates by applications and compatibility with various operating systems and platforms through the implementation of a PKCS#11 client, and increases performance for high volume users. Overall, the new version significantly improves the ease of use for the user.

PKCS#11 interface
vinCERT® 2.3 implements the cryptography interface defined by PKCS#11 RSA Labs, which provides the ability to integrate with any system using this interface. This allows for the first time users of the system work with Linux, Mac (OSx), AIX and CentOS, either on 32 or 64 bits.

In parallel, Víntegris has provided vinCERT® server with the ability to manage applications using PKCS#11 easily, so that the user has for the first time the possibility to delegate and control certificates according to the application, not only depending on the user.

Compatibility with Firefox and Java
Besides working with IExplorer and Chrome browsers on Windows platform, the implementation of the PKCS#11 standard cryptography allows users to work with their certificates safely with Firefox, the second most widely used browser in the world, on any platform. Similarly, the compatibility that adds to the system ensures to integrate vinCERT® in Java developments.

The client implementation PKCS#11 also enables the automatic publishing of certificates stations. All this adds a great convenience in managing certificates using vinCERT® for both owners and users of certificates.

Notable increase in performance
To ensure flexibility in system management in companies with large volume of users, Víntegris has also optimized performance vinCERT®, so that version 2.3 improves the answers to 50%.

Released in 2010, vinCERT® was the first program of management, control and audit of use of digital certificates in the market. It is a centralized management system that allows users to work with certificates as if they were installed on their own workstations, while the security responsible have real time control over what certificates are used, who uses them and what is being signed.

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