vinACCESS: all authentication methods in a single system

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Banks, insurance and distribution companies require increasing flexibility in authentication methods. Not worth only one: the risk of data handled for clients is different from those treated by the management team, the commercial network or office staff.

The number of users for each risk level also raises budgetary and logistical constraints. Using grid card can not be economically viable for distribution to a large volume of users spread across the geography of the country, even if it's the ideal method, for example, for office staff. Meanwhile, the commercial network requires agile authentication methods through smartphone and for certain groups of users e-mail authentication can be sufficient.

vinACCESS is the answer to the authentication needs of financial institutions, insurers and distributors of products and services. In a single system, vinACCESS integrates a wide range of OTP authentication methods and allows a comfortable and agile management of each: grid card; SMS or e-mail, compass or CAPTCHA token, token software for mobile; digital certificates, username / password and challenge / response.

vinACCESS allows to share technology with other strong authentication systems such as grid card, OTP SMS or digital certificates.

If even with this wide range your organization needs require new authentication methods, vinACCESS offers warranty of integration of other methods at your request and set as the only system capable of covering all authentication needs of any organization. As a result, it has established itself as the system of choice of leading banking amd insurance corporations in Spain where it has sold more than 100,000 licenses for clients such as Hotels Mellia chain, BBVA and Kutxabank banks and the insurance group Catalana Occidente.

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