Security expert proves security flaws in Canon printers

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The security expert Michael Jordon has managed to start Doom, the classic game of '90, in a Canon Pixma printer and thus proves the weak security of these devices.

Like many other printers, the range Canon Pixma devices allow access through the network, which makes it possible for owners to check the status of the device. But Jordon discovered that the web interface did not require entering username and password, so any user could know the status of the devices.

The range of wireless printers have a web interface that shows the user information about ink levels and allows the firmware to be checked to install firmware updates. Since a user can force a firmware update, it is possible to change the configuration of web proxy and DNS server, so you can redirect the printer to another spot to check for new firmware.

According to Jordon, a hacker could theoretically break the weak encryption and create a custom Trojan firmware, for example, spying all documents being printed.

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