Mozilla announces plan to improve the security of Firefox OS

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Mozilla has announced the development of a plan to provide security for users of its mobile operating system Firefox OS, with the creation of new features to be released in the updates in the coming years.

The open source organisation has been working with mobile operator Deutsche Telekom for the past year developing new features to roll out within updates of Firefox OS in the coming years.

“We have been working with our partners at Deutsche Telekom for the past year, thinking about what are the concerns of the basic user and the advanced user as it relates to mobile privacy and security,” said Alex Fowler, global privacy and public policy leader at Mozilla.

The project is focused on the emerging markets – the main target audience of the Firefox OS – and through user groups and customer research, Mozilla has found that the most frequent concerns in these markets are stolen and lost devices. "If this is your primary mode of accessing the internet and it has all of your personal data on it, the experience becomes one of deep worry when you lose it or have it stolen.”

As a result, Firefox is rolling out remote wipe capabilities into its OS by the end of the year.

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