Víntegris designs, implements and manages information security infrastructures for Spain's leading financial institutions and large corporations. It provides customised robust solutions to meet business needs, integrating high-performance technologies and bridging the gap between standardised products and the needs of each company.

Developers, consultants and integrators

Unlike other developers, we also offer consulting and integration services. This places us in a privileged position for developing new products — we see the day-to-day concerns of large companies as regards information security, and we therefore understand their needs better than anyone else. This exceptional knowledge has led us to design products that bridge the gap between the security solutions provided by large developers and the real business needs of companies. This allows us to be at the forefront of the market in critical segments such as digital certificate management, control and auditing and user authentication. We offer real solutions for real needs.
Spain's leading finance companies and government agencies place their trust in Víntegris to protect their critical systems and applications.

Professionalism, expertise and experience

We back up the professionalism, experience and knowledge of each and every one of our experts with a rigorous career plan which requires employee certification in the technologies we implement and compulsory CISA or CISSP certification in accordance with the time periods required by the main international certification organisations. All of our project managers must also successfully complete quality management courses for information security services.