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The ALL-IN-ONE Digital Identity Solution

nebulaSUITE is the only solution in the market that provides organizations with the full infrastructure for digital certificates (issuing and management) and qualified digital signatures through cloud-based services —all protected by robust authentication.

Designed for both desktop and mobile devices, it comprises:

Ready to Help Industries

nebulaSUITE helps a wide range of industries meet the new requirements of digital identity

Banking &
Financial Services

Insurance &

Government &
Public Sector

Legal &
Real State

& Tax

& Energy


Retail &
Consumer Markets

Why nebulaSUITE?


nebulaSUITE is a single product that’s easy to deploy and use. It optimizes signature workflows to maximize company efficiency.

Enhanced Connections

Issue and manage digital certificates yourself with certified security to enhance IoE connections.


Get the right capabilities to meet your specific challenges in one comprehensive suite. And have features that you’ll need in the future.


Use nebulaSUITE features anywhere, anytime—at the office or on the move. Now you can give your company the capabilities it needs, when they need them, to keep business moving forward.


nebulaSUITE incorporates features to ensure regulatory compliance, such as eIDAS Regulation, to help you do business more easily with the EU.

One Solution, Anywhere, Anytime

With nebulaSUITE you can:

Issue Your Own Digital Certificates Through the PKI Platform

Issue digital certificates through the PKI platform and Certification Authority.

Manage your Digital Certificates

Control their use from the comprehensive certificate management platform in the cloud, anytime, anywhere, from your workstation or on the move.

Detect and Monitor your Digital Certificates

Generate inventories and save time over manual monitoring.

Have Control Over your Administrative Telematic Notifications

Centralize them and comply with public administrations.
Available only in Spain.

Speed up Your Signing Processes

Sign documents anywhere, via digital certificate for your organization and/or handwritten signature with biometric control for your employees or clients.

Control the Access to Your Organization’s Assets

Protect the entire system with two-factor authentication, offering a robust level of security (Adaptative MFA).

nebulaSUITE’s Solutions

PKI in the cloud for the issue of certificates

Digital certificate management platform in the cloud

SaaS Inventory Platform for Digital Certificates

Administrative Telematic Notifications Management

Platform for the digital signature of documents

Adaptive multi-factor dynamic authentication technology

nebulaSUITE is aligned with Regulation (EU) No910/2014 (eIDAS) on electronic signature and seals, ESIGN Act and UETA, and therefore provides legally-binding and compliant solutions.

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