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Your Digital Certificate Ecosystem, Under Control

Have Full Control over Your Certificates’ Lifecycle

Issue, Manage and Monitor Digital Certificates Without Depending on Third Parties

Reduced Economic Costs with Issued and Qualified Digital Certificates

Besides managing qualified digital certificates, nebulaCERT also allows you to issue them without having to depend on third parties, thus reducing economic costs. You can do so through Víntegris’ PKI platform and Certification Authority (CA) vinCAsign, developed in accordance with eIDAS.

Digital Certificates Audit

Control the use of your organization’s certificates in real time: which certificates have been used, who used them, when and for what they were used.

Strict Policies of Use for Your Qualified Digital Certificates

nebulaCERT provides authorization to use the certificate according to the user or directory group, time and date, IP origin, the program requesting access, the access URL and web browsing whitelists for URLs. Also, it is able to warn of the purpose for which the certificate will be used in the signature processing, and can request a reference in the signature processing.

An Easy Way to Manage Your Organization’s Digital Certificates

nebulaCERT enables organizations to create and manage qualified digital certificates without having to manually install them on each device. Our technology also allows the management of third parties’ certificates.

Digital certificate management is easier than ever through the roles of administrator, certificate owner, auditor, final user or scope manager. In addition, it allows users to work with the certificates as if they were installed on their own workstations, so they don’t need to alter their work habits.

No More Economic Losses Due to Expired Certificates

Expired certificates are costly: organizations can lose no less than €21.4M regarding compliance failures and €12.8M in business continuity. Eliminate the risk of certificate expiry with nebulaCERT’S renewal notification functionality, and control the on-premise or on-cloud lifecycle of digital certificates.


PKI Platform to Issue Your Own Certificates

Integrated with nebulaCERT, vinCAsign allows compliance with eIDAS Regulation.

A Wide Range of Digital Certificates

nebulaCERT provides 11 types of certificates, in compliance with eIDAS Regulation.

Real-Time Monitoring

Through nebulaCERT’s platform, to know which certificates have been used, who used them, when, and for what purpose.

Strong Protection Through Encryption

All certificates are encrypted on a server or an HSM.

Legal Compliance Assured

Designed in accordance with eIDAS Regulation to make transactions and business easily and legally.

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