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SaaS Inventory Platform for Detecting and Monitoring Digital Certificates

Discover, Audit and Monitor all your Personal and Service Digital Certificates

Generate Complete Inventories of your Digital Certificates

Get your Certificates in a Row

nebulaDISCOVER allows you to effectively track your digital certificates in order to avoid:

  • Issues with the service provided by your organization due to the lack of validityof external SSL certificates
  • Problems regarding internal communications caused by the expiration of aninternal certificate
  • Delays when deploying a new version of a product, due to the expiration of thecode signing certificate

Keep Things Secure and Reinforce Trust

Organizations must know everything about their digital certificates: what kind of certificates they are, which Certificate Authority issued them, who is using them, and what is their expiry date.

nebulaDISCOVER provides this information through the most complete audit reports, so organizations can proceed accordingly to keep the highest level of security and trust.

Avoid Economic Losses due to Unexpected Expired Certificates

An unexpected expired certificate is an unwelcome surprise. It can result in the loss of clients and therefore money, and damage the image of a company. To avoid this situation, nebulaDISCOVER helps you have control over all your certificates, so you can stop worrying about them, and start enjoying the many benefits they provide.

Save Time over Manual Monitoring

Manual monitoring is demanding and time-consuming. Locate all the certificates in less time with nebulaDISCOVER. Become more efficient and save your company resources that can be invested in other tasks.

A Better Understanding and Organization of your Digital Certificates

  • Discover the list of personal certificates that have been installed
  • Discover the list of SSL certificates deployed in the computing services
  • Monitor SSL certificates of external services
  • Create audit reports about the digital certificates that have been detected
  • Manage expiration alerts of digital certificates for the people who must manage their renovation


Public Key Encryption for All Operations

nebulaDISCOVER is a SaaS service that exclusively uses public key encryption for all operations.

A Single Access Point

nebulaDISCOVER offers a single access point to the monitoring of certificates in a company. Certificates can be provided by:

  • Service scan: through one or more services installed in the organization
  • Workstation scan: through an agent installed in a workstation
  • Manual upload: users provide the certificate’s public key to monitor its expiration date

Comprehensive Platform

  • Comprehensive inventories: with the list of all certificates used by the company
  • Centralized monitoring: a single access point to monitor the discovered certificates
  • Customizable expiration alerts for each certificate: users can assign a list of emails that should receive alerts regarding security

Thorough Audit Reports

Get the most complete audit reports in PDF format about:

  • Personal certificates
  • SSL certificates
  • Manually uploaded certificates
  • List of services that have SSL certificates
  • List of stations where a personal digital certificate resides
  • Expiration date and other relevant security information

Monitorization of Personal and Service Certificates Alike

Generate Excel documents to work on discovered certificates such as:

Personal certificates:

  • Certificates in more than one user account
  • Certificates in more than one station
  • Certificates about to expire and expired

Service certificates:

  • Certificates in more than one service
  • Certificates about to expire and expired
  • Services with SSL certificates

Manually uploaded certificates:

  • Certificates about to expire and expired

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