Security Specialist

The Security Specialist (SS) is responsible for participating in the implementation of the Company’s security policies and regulations. He/she will be part of the Víntegris Security team and will report directly to the CISO. The Security Specialist’s responsibility will be to define the Security best practices aligned with Víntegris’ Policy as well as to lead in the accomplishments of the ISO 27001 & ENS certifications, as well as product certifications, according to the regulatory needs of the Company.

Responsibilities & Supporting Actions

  • Participating in Víntegris security certifications (27001, ENS), as well as implementing the technical standards applicable to these certifications across the Company.
  • Participate and/or manage, the analysis of security requirements of the technology developed by Víntegris to assess that they comply with the security requirements regulated in the applicable regulations.
  • Participate and/or manage security certifications according to the needs of the organization or products.
  • Participate in Threat and Risk Analyzes management for the infrastructure of the Company.
  • Participate in the management of alerts and monitoring of security events, to prioritize possible risks and vulnerabilities in the Company.
  • Participate in the documentation management required for the maintenance of the ISMS.
  • Participate in the definition and documentation of the security policies for cloud services with reference to applicable security standards.
  • Document and report any security incidents.
  • Participate and/or manage the implementation of the continuity test plan by the relevant department.

Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor’s in computer science or telecommunications (higher degree, degree or FPII, preferably system specialties).
  • Knowledge and understanding of eiDAS Regulation and ETSI standards (ETSI 319 401, 319 411-1, 319 411-2, 319 421, 119 431-1).
  • Experience of more than 2 years in risk management and implementation of security policies.
  • Experience working with IaaS providers (AWS, AZURE, GCP, …).
  • Analytical and decision-making skills.
  • Proactive and organizational skills.
  • Dynamic, decisive attitude and teamwork.


  • This is an opportunity to work with a strong brand at one of the Spanish key players in Digital Certificate Management, legally binding signatures and robust authentication providers, in a dynamic, challenging, international work environment.
  • Our people are the most critical part of our long-term success. Our employees´ happiness, health and wellbeing are our #1 priority. We understand we cannot have happy and successful customers without happy and successful employees to serve them.
  • We offer highly competitive compensation including bonus programs, remote work culture, fully IT stack for a teleworking culture, high growth and development opportunities – all to create a compelling and rewarding work environment.
  • An individual professional development plan with a customized training roadmap.
  • If you are ready to become a technology transformational influencer, and you have the skills to help and contribute taking our value proposition to the next level, with your security-related skills, this is your opportunity to develop with Víntegris.
  • At our core are a commitment to diversity, sustainability and our communities.

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