Managed Service

Managed Service Engineer

He/She will be responsible for executing professional service tasks provided by Víntegris technical teams to specific clients under the framework of service contracts established and renewed between the client and Víntegris that define the scope, provision, procedure and responsibilities of the service.

Working as a team, he/she will report to the Managed Service Manager according to the system and scope defined and inform him of any contingency, personal or professional, that may affect the correct execution of his tasks in an adequate term and time.

Responsibilities & Supporting Actions

  • He/She will carry out the technical tasks necessary for the provision of the service in accordance with the scope and tasks defined in the contract for the provision of the same, escalating to the service manager if it detects that this scope may be breached.
  • He/She will demonstrate, on every occasion, a collaborative attitude with the client, as well as fluid and friendly communication with him/her.
  • He/She will take part in the commitment acquired with the client in order to achieve its objectives.
  • He/She will follow the measures and procedures established by the service manager to guarantee the level of service and will actively participate in them and their possible evolutions.
  • He/She will report, with the established periodicity and tools, the tasks carried out within the service, both to the manager and to Víntegris, to control and communicate the achievement of the committed service levels.
  • In the event of anticipating or impeding the performance of the assigned tasks to fulfil the service, he/she will carry out the appropriate escalation to the manager so that he/she can proceed to analyze and manage a solution.
  • He/She will maintain frequent communication with the report manager and fellow technicians assigned to the service to jointly detect potential problems and manage the solution proactively and collaboratively whenever possible.
  • He/She must ensure that has the necessary technical training to perform the service tasks that are, or maybe, required of him/her and, if not, will report to the service manager so that he/she can take the necessary measures for the organization of effective training.
  • He/She will comply with the work shifts that are assigned to him/her for the provision of the service and, in case of not being able to comply with them, he/she will report it to the service manager in advance so that the appropriate modifications can be made.
  • Communicate the intentions or needs in terms of vacation days, payments and scheduled absences or absences to the service manager in advance, so that he/she can carry out joint planning with the rest of the team members, allowing to maintain the availability levels established in the benefits contract.
  • He/she will contribute to a spirit of cordial collaboration between all team members that allows for a participatory work environment and common commitment to the objectives of the service among all members of the team.
  • He/She will participate in the goals and ideals of the company.
  • He/She will assume the responsibilities associated with the tasks assigned to him/her by the service manager, without the need for the help of him/her or any of his/her colleagues that will exempt him/her from it.

Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor or Degree in Computer Science or Engineering in a related field is preferred. Other degrees are considered based on experience or knowledge of the field.
  • At least 3 years of technical experience in the field of Information Technology (related to one of some of these fields: Digital Signature, Digital Certificates, Digital Identity, Cybersecurity, Identity Management, Authentication and other areas related to security).
  • Knowledge and experience in network infrastructure protocols and application transport.
  • Knowledge of systems for filtering network traffic.
  • Experience in providing managed services to end customers.
  • Documentation of execution guides and ability to understand technical manuals.
  • Working with ticketing tools like Jira, Zendesk or others.
  • Capacity for teamwork.
  • Oral and writing communication skills will be highly valued.
  • Good communication skills with the technical team and/or end-users.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work in times of pressure.
  • Creative thinking to reach solutions.
  • It is necessary to know how to operate in the environment of Servers with Linux distributions.
  • Writing and speaking Catalan and English with a medium level.
  • Availability to work “on-site” at the facilities of our clients in Barcelona.
  • Knowledge in one or more of the following systems and technologies will be positively valued: Unix, Linux, Zscaler, AD, LDAP, Netskope, OpenSSL, Squid.


  • This is an opportunity to work with a strong brand at one of the Spanish key players in Digital Certificate Management, legally binding signatures and robust authentication providers, in a dynamic, challenging, international work environment.
  • Our people are the most critical part of our long-term success. Our employees’ happiness, health and wellbeing are our #1 priority. We understand we cannot have happy and successful customers without happy and successful employees to serve them.
  • We offer highly competitive compensation including bonus programs, remote work culture, fully IT stack for a teleworking culture, high growth and development opportunities – all to create a compelling and rewarding work environment.
  • An individual professional development plan with a customized training roadmap.
  • If you are ready to become a technology transformational influencer, and you have the skills to help and contribute taking our support services to the next level, with your customer-facing skills, this is your opportunity to develop with Víntegris.
  • At our core is a commitment to diversity, sustainability and our communities.

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