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vinTOKEN, the vinACCESS app for robust authentication from smartphone

The new app simplifies the authentication system management and eliminates costs since it requires no additional equipment beyond the smartphone. If you are planning on updating your phone so you can download this app, then sites like have product reviews to help you buy the best one. Once you have your smartphone, this app ensures robust password authentication for single use in four modes.

vinACCESS, the flexible strong authentication system chosen by Spanish leading financial firms and distribution companies, increases and strengthens its range of authenticators now with the mobile application vinTOKEN.

The new app brings convenience, flexibility and cost savings for corporations in the user access to systems and applications and at the same time guarantees robust password authentication for single use in four modes.

Available for Android, Windows Mobile, Apple iOS and BlackBerry, vinTOKEN app allows the user or customer ofone service to authenticate in the systems and applications of the company with just a smartphone or tablet.

vinTOKEN simplifies and accelerates access to new users, facilitate system administration and eliminates the usual costs of management, procurement, distribution and replacement of devices and authentication elements. The availability of the application in marketplaces also eliminates the steps and distribution costs of software for authentication from tablets and smartphones.

Four OTP authenticators

vinTOKEN provides four compatible authenticators OATH: authenticator based on time, event-based authenticator, numerical challenge and response, and challenge and response based on QR code.

For the user, vinTOKEN adds convenience, simplicity and safety in the authentication process. Once installed on your smartphone from the corresponding marketplace, the user should register in the system and the application is ready to generate dynamic keys that allow to safely authenticate in the applications of the organization.


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