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This year’s RSA Conference has taken place, the largest international event on cybersecurity, and for another year we have been there. Our experience in San Francisco is always good, and this time we have seen how much the conference has grown from one edition to another in terms of visitor numbers (which has reached 42,000), presentations and exhibitors, including us.

We have also witnessed first hand, the excellent state of Spanish companies dedication to cybersecurity: no less than 18 have participated. We would like to take this opportunity to show our sincere appreciation to each and every one of them. We hope to see you again next year!

For our part, last year we already presented nebulaSUITE on American soil, and this time around we have been able to talk about the latest news of the all-in-one digital identity solution, along with the characteristics of our technology to interested visitors and potential partners.

Undoubtedly, what arouses more interest in nebulaSUITE is the possibility of using legally recognized digital signatures, which can facilitate agreements, transactions, and business between the United States and Europe, where the eIDAS Regulation operates, which we already discussed in a previous post.

The fact that we are the technology division of the proprietary software of Víntegris, a Spanish Certification Authority (CA), is key to understanding the importance of nebulaSUITE in compliance with eIDAS. The signature of nebulaSUITE is qualified; that is, it has the legal equivalence of a handwritten signature, based on qualified digital certificates issued by a recognized CA.

In addition to serving visitors who came to our stand to know more about our solution and technology (to whom we thank), on Tuesday 17th of April we were accompanied by various contacts, leads and clients at a reception that took place in the Spanish Pavilion, organized by the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Los Angeles.

Our most profound gratitude to the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) under the veil of which we participated. Without your organization and help, we are sure that the experience would be very different.


See you at Infosecurity Europe (London)

If you could not attend RSA and you wanted to know more about nebulaSUITE, please contact us to request a demo.

Our next stop will be London, for the Infosecurity Europe fair, which will take place in June. To warm things up, you can download our white paper on digital signature with legal recognition for banks and financial institutions on its website. In this document, you will find interesting information, such as what are the differences between electronic and digital signatures, and why it is essential to use qualified digital certificates to avoid threats such as fraud and identity theft.

We also encourage you to follow us on social networks, where we are very active, so you can be aware of the latest news from the company and nebulaSUITE. Take note: we are on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In short, whether in the real world or the digital, we hope to see you!