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vintegrisTECH partnered with TrustDimension and Seguridad América to distribute nebulaSUITE in Mexico and Chile

In July, vintegrisTECH partnered with TrustDimension and Seguridad América to distribute nebulaSUITE in Mexico and Chile respectively —countries in which these partners have an extensive implementation —countries in which these partners have an extensive implementation.

These alliances are part of vintegrisTECH’s international expansion strategy. In 2016, we already signed agreements with the Chinese company Feitian Technologies and with the Spanish developer of hardware-based cryptographic systems Realsec, which has a strong presence in Latin America.

TrustDimension, veterans of security solutions in Mexico

TrustDimension, a veteran company with more than 20 years of experience in the Mexican market, specializes in security solutions. Among its portfolio are outstanding clients such as FEMSA, 7-Eleven and Alfa Group.

Mr. Octavio Flores, CEO of TrustDimension, affirms that this agreement with vintegrisTECH will allow the company “to continue integrating innovative solutions to protect more effectively the confidential information of our clients”.

TrustDimension will market nebulaSUITE’s technologies: nebulaCERT (a solution for the management and issuing of digital certificates in accordance with EU regulations), nebulaACCESS (for robust authentication) and nebulaSIGN for digital signature.

Seguridad América, cutting-edge digital security in Chile

Seguridad América is a Certification Authority (CA), specialized in cutting-edge digital security solutions. Among its clients are the Government of Chile, the Central Bank of Bolivia, Walmart Chile and BCI.

Mr. Víctor González, CEO of Seguridad América, states that the collaboration with vintegrisTECH “is going to imply a digital transformation to the market, since with this new alliance we complete 100% the portfolio that will allow us to address all our customers’ needs”.

With this agreement, Seguridad América will integrate its own certification authority into nebulaSUITE’s technologies.

A step forward for vintegrisTECH in LATAM

Facundo Rojo, CEO of vintegrisTECH, says that “nebulaSUITE adds to the portfolios of TrustDimension and Seguridad América a leading technology that increases the added value for their customers, and which is a differentiating element to its competitors, something that has been highly valued by both companies”.

In addition, he points out that “these alliances represent a step forward to establish ourselves strongly within Latin America. We are putting our emphasis on these types of agreements and look forward to making new announcements in this regard in a few weeks”.

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