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The first ISACA Congress held in Bilbao, of which we have been collaborators, took place on May the 10th. The meeting brought together the community of professionals from different fields, such as IT audit, cybersecurity, technological risks and IT governance, all residents of the north of Spain, where ISACA has close to a hundred members.

As in ISACA Madrid Chapter, there were experts round table and presentations, under a practical approach and base on cases of success, to achieve an essential and necessary exchange of knowledge. Networking was also enhanced among the attendees, a fundamental aspect of the day.

One of the conclusions of the event was that the shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals is one of the problems facing the sector in the Basque Country, where 15,000 cases of cybersecurity problems have already been recorded.

From vintegrisTECH, we hope to continue collaborating in these roadshows, so necessary to contribute to the security of information in the face of the threats that organizations face today.



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