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DealerMarket / Special Software / Pag 10 / October 2017

vintegrisTECH displays its nebulaSUITE digital identity solution

vintegrisTECH, a manufacturer of systems and applications for the management of digital certificates, electronic signature and authentication, is preparing for an intense October as it will participate in three very different events. IoT Solutions World Congress 2017, European Banking Forum Amsterdam 2017 and IdentiSIC 2017 – having a common link, nebulaSUITE, their global solution for the Internet of Everything.

Another year that vintegrisTECH will be exhibiting at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2017 held in Barcelona from the 3rd to the 5th of October. There they will present the global solution nebulaSUITE, which guarantees the protection of the digital identity in the so-called Internet of the Everything (IoE). nebulaSUITE secures the digital identities of users and physical devices in the IoE through digital certificates. It also offers secure connections with encrypted communications. It allows organisations not only to administer these certificates but also to issue their own, qualified certificates, thanks to its Certification Authority, vinCAsign, complying with the eIDAS regulation. nebulaSUITE is the global solution in the cloud to face the demands of digital identity management and access to the Internet of Everything (encompassing both, the Internet of People and the Internet of Things). It includes the creation of digital certificates compatible with EU regulations to identify people and devices, management of digital certificates, robust authentication and digital signature in mobility.

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