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Last week we had the opportunity to participate in the “Digital Signature and Legal Security” conference by the Association of Water Supply and Sanitation of Andalusia (ASA Andalusia), along with our technology partner IECISA ( Informática El Corte Inglés ). The event was attended by a score of representatives of Andalusian water companies from the territory of Malaga and surroundings.

Our colleagues Javier Natividad (Commercial Director), José María Simón (Center Area Director) and Pere Barba (responsible for Certification Authority and Cloud Service) talked about digital signature and digital certificates, outlining not only the legal framework in which they are enclosed but also the threats that organisations can face and their solutions.

Furthermore, we offered a demonstration of nebulaSUITE, the all-in-one digital identity solution for issuing, managing, monitoring and inventory of digital certificates; legally binding digital signature; Robust authentication, and management of telematic notifications.

This gathering confirms the increasing interest that digital signature technologies are receiving from organisations and the need for a comprehensive solution that responds to the multiple demands that arise concerning digital certificates (especially regarding their efficient issuance and management). We were also able to clarify doubts about the eIDAS Regulation and its application.

For all this, we want to show our gratitude to ASA Andalucía and IECISA, as well as to all the attendees who joined us at this meeting and demonstrated their sincere interest in these technologies. So, thank you to EMASA, ACOSOL, AREMSA, AXARAGUA, EMASAGRA, Hidralia, Gestagua, Grupo Baeza and SOMAJASA.

Request your nebulaSUITE demo

Whether you were present at these conferences or you did not have the chance to come and meet us, we invite you to discover for yourself what nebulaSUITE with its digital certificates and digital signature solutions can do for your organisation. Request your demo here.

You can also download the presentations (presentations available only in Spanish). We know that it is not the same attending the conference and clarifying your doubts with an expert. That is why we do not want to miss the opportunity to invite you to follow us on social networks so that you can be aware of our latest news and when will be our next outing: we are on Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us!

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