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DealMarket / February 2019

vintegrisTECH arrives at MWC 2019 looking for partners from all over the world and offering its nebulaSUITE solution to companies interested in the legal signature in mobility and digital identities with legal compliance for clients, employees and suppliers.

vintegrisTECH’s objective at the MWC 2019 will be two-fold: on the one hand, to offer its nebulaSUITE solution to companies interested in the legal signature in mobility, and on the other, to continue maintaining contacts with distributors that allow it to grow internationally through partnerships.

The software manufacturer has recently added a new partner for the British market, VSecure Technologies


The company is a Certification Authority and manufacturer of systems and applications for the issuance, renewal, centralized management and audit for the use of digital certificates; discovery and inventory of personal and service digital certificates; digital signature legally binding; Robust authentication and management of administrative telematics notifications. Its flagship product is nebulaSUITE, the all-in-one solution for digital identity.

vintegrisTECH counts as leading clients, insurance companies, health and retail companies, and governmental and public sector organizations, betting on this strategy of growth abroad that has given such a good result during 2018, with the incorporation of four new partners international. The software manufacturer has just added a new British partner, VSecure Technologies, to respond to the growing demand for solutions for the complete management of the digital identity cycle in the UK market.

VSecure Technologies will be responsible for marketing nebulaSUITE, an all-in-one solution for digital identity, authentication and secure access, which has its own Certification Authority (CA)


The function of this new vintegrisTECH partner is the commercialization in the British market of nebulaSUITE, its innovative all-in-one solution for digital identity, authentication and secure access, with its own Certification Authority (CA).

vintegrisTECH at the Mobile World Congress 2019

Those interested will find the team of vintegrisTECH in the Spanish Pavilion, CS30, booth 17, this edition of MWC Barcelona will be the fourth participation of the company, which will be held from 25th to 28th February in Barcelona.

vintegrisTECH participates in the hands of the public entity, with the aim of publicizing its solutions and holding meetings with potential partners interested in its technology. For the seventh consecutive year, makes available a space to several Spanish companies linked to the mobile industry to boost their internationalization, present their products, contact potential investors or expand their customer base.

In addition, vintegrisTECH will present its two new solutions, nebulaDISCOVER (for the discovery and inventory of personal and service certificates) and nebulaSNE (for the management of administrative telematics notifications), integrated within nebulaSUITE.

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