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Víntegris won 100 best Ideas of the year with nebulaID

Actualidad Económica, in collaboration with CaixaBank and ABG Intellectual Property, has organized the 44th edition of the awards for the 100 Best Ideas of the Year. The event, which took place at El Beatriz in Madrid, was held last Thursday, May 19, with Francisco Rosell (director of El Mundo) and Sergio Cobos (General Director of Advertising for Unidad Editorial) as those in charge of receiving and congratulating to the winners.

These awards are given to the most innovative products and services, represented in different categories depending on their sector. This year was marked by more and better participation in the fields related to sustainability, education, health, and technology.

Víntegris was awarded in the Digital Transformation category for its latest solution, nebulaID, a remote video identification platform that combines the latest technology: real-time video calls, robust authentication and various biometric identification mechanisms, such as Liveness or FaceMatching. After authentication, the user remotely accesses qualified digital certificates.

Javier Bustillo, General Manager of Víntegris, was in charge of collecting the award and has expressed his pride that nebulaID has stood out from other candidates and the satisfaction that recognition from an institution such as Actualidad Económica entails.

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