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Yago Gómez-Trenor, Commercial Director of the East Zone, was one of the featured speakers at the event, who presented the challenges that the new Internet of Everything arises in the field of security and identity protection.

Gomez-Trenor said that as technology evolves and the Internet of things advances, companies of all types and people all over the world are beginning to massively connected to any device capable of generating and transmitting information (often sensitive or relevant), accessing all kinds of services and information of public and private companies, banking and health the connection of refrigerators, SmartTV, smartwatch, home automation systems, devices that monitor our vital signs, alarm systems … recently also cars, manufacturing systems and elements affecting critical infrastructure. “We do not talk about the Internet of things but the Internet of Everything” he said.

This development, according to Gomez-Trenor, poses a risk for people and sensitive data transmitted through the network, since this growth has been “rapid and often uncontrolled”. For this reason, he advocated “at all times to ensure authentication, privacy and integrity” of information on the Internet of Everything.

“Organizations with direct control over their identities and certificates will be better able to identify and respond to vulnerabilities related to identity and certificates,” said Gómez-Trenor. In this regard, he issued several recommendations to companies:

  • Keep your own centralized inventory, monitoring and management of all certificates
  • Include security modules and hardware strong authentication, key management and / or certificate management software and managed services PKI.

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