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The solution employed is Tap-ID, a digital identity (ID) platform for individuals, companies and organizations that allows easy, secure and certified collection, verification and access to user identities, via Blockchain.

Madrid, 20th May 2020

During the state of alarm and the consequent confinement generated by Covid-19, thousands of citizens have needed to continue carrying out procedures in front of Public Administrations. For some procedures, a qualified electronic certificate is essential, which in most cases can only be obtained in official centres after physical identification, something impossible in recent weeks.

Faced with this difficulty and the exceptional nature of the situation, the Spanish Government (within the framework of Royal Decree 11/2020 and in Additional Provision 11) has established a series of provisional measures, only for the state of alarm, for the issuance of certificates and qualified electronic stamps. One of them is to consider remote video identification (videoconferencing) as a fully legal means to digitally obtain qualified electronic certificates.

Víntegris, Ministry validated provider

Along with this, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has also accredited a list of providers of qualified electronic certificate issuance systems via videoconference.

One of them is Víntegris, a company belonging to the Euronovate Group. Víntegris has been accredited as a provider since 2016, when it qualified as a provider of trusted electronic services, under Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS).

This procedure, obtaining digital certificates via videoconference, can be carried out through Tap-ID. A digital identity (ID) platform for individuals, companies and organizations that makes it easy, secure and certified to collect, verify and access User identities, as well as, among other ways, through video identification.

This platform, which uses Blockchain, has been developed by the Euronovate Group, one of the European leaders in digital transaction management and digital identification. Euronovate Group that bought in June 2019 Víntegris, a Spanish company created in 2004 and specialized in manufacturing, consulting and integration of information security solutions.

As Alberto Guidotti, CEO of Euronovate Group points out “through the Tap-ID video identification system, qualified electronic certificates and stamps can be obtained during the state of alarm”. According to Guidotti, “this allows individuals, the self-employed and companies to carry out electronic procedures with Public Administrations, avoiding movement to a physical entity, as well as digitally signing documents in their name and complete with full legal guarantees.”

About Euronovate Group

Founded in 2012, Euronovate Group is a European leader in digital transformation, digital transaction management and digital identification. The company is headquartered in Maroggia (Switzerland) and has subsidiaries in Spain (Víntegris) Italy and Romania. Its clients include more than 120 large corporations in the financial, health and distribution sectors.

The company has 140 employees, and 10 offices distributed throughout Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Hong Kong and the USA. Five of which are commercial offices. Since its foundation, the company has registered 18 patents and invests 20% of its income in R + D + i. Its CEO and Founder is Alberto Guidotti.

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