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Víntegris to sign an OEM agreement with Realsec for the protection of digital certificates by integrating their solutions

The integrated solution includes the implementation of the centralized digital certificates management system vinCERT and HSM Hardware Security Module Cryptosec LAN for protection and custody of the keys of certificates.

Realsec, developer of cryptographic systems based on hardware, and Víntegris, developer of security software solutions, have teamed up to provide the national and international market an integrated solution for protecting digital certificates, kept in Realsec an HSM.

The solution integrates the digital certificates comprehensive management software vinCERT of Víntegris with HSM Hardware Security Module Cryptosec LAN Realsec, setting a global response to the companies needs of protection of certificates, now accentuated by the technological evolution towards Internet of Things.

The HSM Realsec, Cryptosec Lan, is a cryptographic high-performance network server, encryption service and digital signature applications oriented, regardless of operating system where they reside and which has the most important international certifications for safety.

vinCERT is the pioneer software for management, control and auditing of digital certificates. Currently in version 3.0, leading banks, insurance and distribution companies in Spain are already managing their digital certificates with it.

Agreement with international vocation

The agreement between the two companies also includes commercial cooperation in Latin America, where Realsec act as partner Víntegris to foster their solutions vinCERT and nebulaCERT, especially in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela, countries where Realsec has strong presence.

In addition, both companies have signed a bilateral agreement to commercialize their products both in Spain and abroad market.

This agreement is the beginning of a history of collaboration between both technology manufacturers, aiming to develop new joint projects in the medium term.