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Shanghai MWC established our first opportunity to present our innovative solution nebulaSUITE to protect the identity of people and devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) in Asia.

vintegrisTech team returned from the Mobile World Congress in Shangai very satisfied. The biggest event of its kind in Asia, which welcomed, from the 29th of June to the 1st of July, more than 53.000 participants, including mobile network operators, device manufactures, equipment suppliers, software and internet companies, as well as tech-savvy consumers.

The MWC of Shanghai represented our first opportunity to present on the Asian continent the innovative solution “nebulaSUITE”, to protect the identity of people and devices on the Internet of everything (IoT).  Our team concluded the congress having achieved their objectives: present our technology to the companies that currently or in a near future are going to need the protection of the identity of people (IoP) or things (IoT), generate new contacts and collaborations with start-ups and large corporations, investors and media, as well as partners willing to distribute our products in Asia and consolidate the value of our brand within the scope of internet of everything.

We were pleased to be one of the 16 Spanish companies selected to participate in the Asiatic congress by MWCapital Barcelona, who gave us an excellent treatment. In addition, we had the support during the congress of our Asian partner Feitian Technologies, a leading global manufacturer in intelligent authentication.

Held in four halls of the International Exhibition Center Shanghai, Shanghai MWC hosted nearly 550 exhibitors, 64 per cent of which were companies from other parts of the world.