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Published by lawyerpress NEWS, June 19th, 2020

Trusted electronic services are specialized both in verifying the origin identity on the Internet, and the integrity of the messages exchanged through the Internet. These services are essential tools to break down barriers to the digital market, given that they strengthen information security-enhancing and trust-building.

These services appear in the eIDAS Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014), which establishes a common legal framework for trust services and electronic identification means in the European Union. Moreover, the services are featured by Qualified Trust Services Provider (PCSC), the natural or legal expert that provides one or more qualified electronic trust services recognized by a supervisory board.

Based on the relevance of the PCSC obtained in recent years and the importance gained in the current one, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has viewed remote video identification (videoconference) as a full legal tool for obtaining digitally qualified electronic certificates within the Alarm State creating a list of providers:  a group of entrepreneurs who decided to establish the Association of Qualified Trust Services Providers of Spain (APCSCE).

APCSCE was created to develop a series of actions to reinforce the confidence of citizens, companies and public institutions about the employment of eIDAS trust services with no role other than the interest of the sector, or another policy to accommodate all the PCSC in Spain.

As a consequence, working committees have already been created on issues that they consider to be special urgencies such as administrative barriers, delays in the development of rules and regulations, effective free competition or the lack of expert know-how in decision-making, among others.

APCSCE is available to all those organizations that have been accredited by the Spanish supervisory board as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (eIDAS), who despite being market competitors they have shared interests such as video-identification systems, the new electronic signature law, GDPR, etc. The first Board of Directors is composed by Florencio Díaz, of ANF AC as President, being the vice-presidents, Gabriel García de Uanataca and Alberto Guidotti, CEO of Euronoavate Group.

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