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Víntegris launches nebulaSIGN: the app that allows signing from smartphone or tablet by certified or handwritten signature

The application nebulaSIGN also allows managing processes of signaturoe with several users, all safely, without installing certificates on the devices and after two-factor authentication by each user.

The application nebulaSIGN enables digital signing of own documents (located in the user’s mobile device or in the cloud) or documents designated by the organization from their corporate infrastructure. The digital signature can be performed using a digital certificate held by the user in the central system of the organization, using digitized handwritten signature or both.

With this new development, presented in early June at Infosecurity Europe, Víntegris provides a convenient and flexible solution to the need for organizations to ensure the safety of operations of approval and signature of documents by its mobile users.

Sign or approve “in a flash”

NebulaSIGN use is extremely simple. Once downloaded from the marketplace, the user receives an activation key from the central system of the organization. After registering with this key, the user is automatically associated with the signing system of the corporation and can start participating in their digital signature workflows.

To sign a document, simply open it from any application installed on the mobile device and send it to the nebulaSIGN application. After authentication by a double factor, the user must choose whether to make a handwritten signature, sign by digital certificate or both, and in the case of handwritten signature, you must be write it inside the box.

Once completed, you can download the PDF document to display the signatures, whether handwritten or certificate as well as track the status of a signature process in which multiple users participate. The resulting document can be viewed from any application that supports PDF: Adobe Acrobat, mailer, iBook, etc.         

nebulaSIGN will be available for Android, Windows Mobile, Apple IOS and Blackberry.

The new app joins the cast of developments that Víntegris presented in the past six months, including vinTOKEN, the app for strong authentication from smartphone; the new version of the flexible, strong authentication system vinACCESS that incorporates two-factor authentication also in the workstation; and the version 3.0 of the centralized certificate management system vinCERT. Within the next few weeks Vintegris also will launch nebulaCERT, the new system of digital certificates centralized management in the cloud.

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