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Víntegris joins FIDO Alliance to promote strong authentication methods

FIDO is a platform that make companies like Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Paypal or Google, which works to improve the online authentication and alleviate the problems faced by users, forced to create countless usernames and passwords for different online services.

Since 2012 the alliance is working to establish a set of standards that enable secure authentication on the Internet and devices that access it, and among its members there are manufacturers like Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft, Blackberry and Samsung, electronic payment systems are as PayPal and the Internet giant Google.

The FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance works in various technologies from a biometric security tokens, passwords, two-factor, NFC technologies and components electronic certification.

As a member of this select group, Víntegris will contribute with its broad experience and knowledge of robust authentication systems to promote strong authentication standards of FIDO. Being part of the alliance also means enjoying the trust that the brand “FIDO Alliance Member” generates in the market.