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Víntegris incorporates probative legal value, traceability and maximum security to the signatures of their lordships in the Congress of Deputies

Barcelona, June 2, 2022. Víntegris, Spanish software manufacturer and Qualified Trust Service Provider (PCSC), according to the European regulation for the recognition of electronic identities eIDAS, has been awarded the public tender of the Congress of Deputies for the election of a solution that provides legal value evidence and maximum security to the electronic signatures of the deputies in activities as relevant as voting on parliamentary initiatives and economic files, signing minutes, etc., that your honorable members carry out every day and that have a direct impact on the functioning of our country.

The deputies will use the Víntegris electronic signature technology in service mode, which includes the issuance of electronic certificates, centralized qualified electronic signature in the cloud and the management of signature flows and qualified time stamping.

“The incorporation of a Certification Authority such as the one that we provide from Víntegris to the signature process of Congress, represents an important step in the security and reliability of the numerous procedures carried out by the deputies, since it provides the maximum legal probative value to their signatures, whether they are carried out in person from the Congress or remotely”, explains Javier Bustillo, general director of Víntegris.

The Víntegris solution also incorporates qualified time stamping, providing a record of the exact time of the signature and validation in the event of discrepancies, avoiding doubts about the validity and integrity of both the signature and the signed data.

It is also easy to carry out these procedures from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile, …) with the highest level of security, access being protected by strong multi-factor authentication.

“Our electronic signature technology clears up any doubt about the authenticity of a deputy’s signature, since it provides each of them with a qualified electronic signature, which links the identity of the signer to his signature, through a personal certificate and skilled. This ensures that it is not only valid in the EU country in which it was issued, but that it is also recognized as valid and legally binding in any other member state”, continues Bustillo.

The functionalities of nebulaSUITE in the Congress of Deputies

Víntegris, as a Qualified Trust Service Provider, will certify Congress as Vintegris delegated Registration Authority (RA), enabling its ability to unequivocally identify the applicant for a certificate through the training and certification of the people designated for that task.

nebulaSUITE, the core of the Víntegris value proposition, will allow:

    • Through the Certification Authority, identification before third parties, electronic signature of documents and carrying out secure telematic procedures with all types of certificates, complying with European regulations such as eIDAS and the highest levels of security with full legal guarantees.
    • The management of digital certificates for the issuance, administration and monitoring of the life cycle and use of digital certificates.
    • The use of legally binding digital signatures, protected by encryption for maximum confidence, also complying with the eIDAS Regulation through the PKI platform with qualified digital certificates.

Maximum security and reliability

With the Víntegris solution, all the data that flows in the global network of the SaaS service and that interconnects the data centers is automatically encrypted at the physical layer before leaving the protected facilities of the service itself. Additionally, all data in transit and at rest is encrypted, guaranteeing that only authorized users can access it through keys managed by a KMS (Key Management System), providing maximum security and reliability.

About Vintegris

Víntegris, a Spanish company with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao, is a software manufacturer and Qualified Trust Service Provider, certified in compliance with the eIDAS regulations on electronic signatures and time stamps, as well as a manufacturer of innovative systems and applications for the management of digital certificates. Provides cloud computing solutions for digital signature, strong authentication to strengthen cybersecurity and address any cyber attacks inescapable in a digital landscape.

Víntegris’ flagship product is nebulaSUITE, the all-in-one digital identity solution that provides organizations with the complete infrastructure for certificates and qualified digital signatures through cloud-based services.

Víntegris’ solutions have recently recognized and awarded by Actualidad Económica with the “100 great ideas of the year” in the category of Digital Transformation and “Seguridad TIC Award” from Red Seguridad for the most innovative service.

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