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Víntegris changes its growth model and sells 20% more

The company entered 5.09 million in 2016 and this year expects to exceed six million

Víntegris is making a transition in its growth model. Up to now, its main activity, accounting for 50% of sales, was focused on security services to large corporations. The company has set out to grow through its own product range, which now accounts for only 20% of turnover.

The firm, based in the Judicial City of L’Hospitalet (Barcelones), invested 475,000 € last year in research and development with the aim of adapting its management technology to the European eIDAS directive, which was approved in 2014 and regulates Electronic IDs and online transactions.

Certified Contracts

 “A very important market movement is taking place towards the certification of all types of contracts and commitments, and it is increasingly required that any business relationship is qualified,”, explains Facundo Rojo, founder and CEO of Víntegris. Therefore, the company has created the internal division VintegrisTech, which is in charge of software development and has launched the NebulaSuite solution.

Víntegris wants to grow in its own products, which now account for 20% of turnover

The other major business segment of the firm is electronic authentication, whether through cards, passwords and other security methods.

The society wants to promote its internationalization despite the fact that it does not yet have any foreign delegation. Víntegris already sells in countries such as Mexico, China, Turkey, India or Argentina. In September, the company closed an agreement with the Chinese company Feitían to create the software of its technological products destined for export. “This year we want to reach sales of one million euros from foreign markets,” says Rojo.

The company expects to reach a total revenue of six million euros in 2017 after hiring four professionals and expanding its workforce to 75 employees. Víntegris invoiced 5.09 million euros in 2016, an increase of 19.6% over the previous year. Its ebitda stood at 751,868 euros, 5% more than in 2015, and its pre-tax profit reached 529,053 euros, an increase of 2%.

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