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The uses of the digital certificate for the CEO, CFO, CHRO, CIO…

There are many uses of the digital certificate nowadays but all of them aim to securely prove your identity in the face of the processes and procedures that are carried out through the Internet. If we have a Digital Certificate, we will be able to sign and carry out procedures online, instead of doing them in person and with what this entails: time used and trips that are made. In addition, it will allow us to establish secure communications with public administrations that develop services over the Internet through the use of digital signatures. In this way, we will be able to carry out a multitude of procedures without having to go to the corresponding administration offices.

However, perhaps the most common uses of the digital certificate apply to the digital signature, thus guaranteeing the identity of the signatory and protecting the information contained in the document. In addition, they can be used to carry out authentication and encryption operations (emails, transactions, etc.). Which provide the following benefits:

  • Greater agility in all administrative procedures.
  • Being able to check on official processes 24/7.
  • Not needing duplicate documents and not losing documents.
  • For the self-employed, paying all your taxes (some are even required to be paid on-line), find out about repayments and delayed payment, view all tax and employment information.
  • Been able to check any time the status of their government-related administrative processes, which has been critical element in the current scenario of subsidies, presentation of resources, and claims, processing of public aid to companies, etc.
  • A Digital Certificate does not just provide the same certainty and reliability as a physical signature – it is better.
  • Had all their information in dedicated up-to-date computer files
  • Saved the cost of messengers and printing, which are themselves not very environmentally friendly.

We can see that the uses of the digital certificate are completely related to the digitization of the business and its management, then we will focus on the uses of the digital certificate within each area and its corresponding person in charge:

- CEO, Managing the business in an optimal and efficient way

The uses of the digital certificate have become a valuable help in the day of a CEO and in current times where digitization allows us to work remotely remotely and to be able to manage practically the entire business from anywhere and at any time, significantly frees to CEO of unnecessary trips and procedures to be able to put the focus where it really is important.

In addition, with the uses of the digital certificate through the digital signature, it enables the possibility of delegating the signing processes to a trusted person or signing multiple documents or contracts at the same time.

- CHRO, the digitization of people management

The uses of the certificate in the human resources department have turned out to be essential to manage its internal and external processes. A way to accelerate not only the hiring processes but also the labor management of the company, eliminating repetitive tasks.

The digital certificate and its benefits associated with identification and authenticatio

- CFO, ensuring business continuity through agile management

For any CFO and his department, telematic processing has become essential for the development of their daily activity. Starting with the verification of the different profiles to information as critical as budgets, expense forecasts, invoices, balances, etc. The use of digital certificates in any banking operation, tax management or any other procedure with the public administration, has made it possible that during this covid-19 pandemic, companies have seen their uninterrupted activity.

- CSO, boosting sales and business profitability

The uses of the digital certificate in the sales department have positively affected the entire company in a transversal way. Not only has the use of digital certificates streamlined and shortened the times in which a project was consolidated for sale, but it has also involved the digitization of the entire process from start to finish. Now, from the signing of the contract, everything is digital, automation of the order, management and monitoring of customers, management of contracts. The simple fact of formalizing a contract digitally enables the generation of new levels of efficiency.

- CIO, minimizing cybersecurity risks

For a CIO, the regular use by employees of their company is synonymous with peace of mind. The use of the digital certificate both to authenticate and to digitally sign minimizes the cybersecurity risks of the company. Digital identity has become one of the main concerns for all CIOs and the use of digital certificates to carry out certain procedures that involve the exchange of sensitive information between the parties.

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