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The new vinCERT 3.0 allows for the first time limit access navigation within a single web application

The new version of the pioneering centralised digital certificate management system extends its support to Linux and Mac.

Less than a year after its last update, Víntegris releases new version 3.0 of vinCERT, the pioneer system for management, control and audit of use of digital certificates. The new update allows for the first time limit access within the navigation of a website and, once again, it becomes the only product of its kind in the market. The new version of vinCERT also allows work with certificates from any system and device, as it is now compatible with different browsers and also with Linux and Mac OSX platforms.

Web browsing whitelists for URLs

vinCERT 3.0 implements for the first time in a product of its features functionality of web browsing whitelists, giving solution to one of the main concerns of managers of certificates: the inability to limit the use of a certificate within a web application.

So far a user with permissions to use a certificate in a given web application could use thereof in any section of it, even if its powers within the organization doesn’t entitle him to it. With vinCERT 3.0 this issue is finally resolved, since the administrator can limit each user access to certain URLs within the same site.

Compatibility with all major browsers on Windows, Linux and Mac

The new version of vinCERT extends its operation to the most used browsers, and can work with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX platforms, thanks to incorporate support for Java applications using PKCS # 11 interface.

The navigation of vinCERT 3.0 can now be accomplished with Internet Explorer (Windows), Google Chrome (Windows) and Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX). Thus, for the first time the user can work with their certificates from any device and platform.

For added convenience, vinCERT 3.0 also includes a widget that allows you to activate and deactivate rapidly agent workstation.

Ahead of the market

Thanks to these developments, Víntegris continues ahead of the market of digital certificates system management.

vinCERT is a centralized management system that allows users to work with certificates as if they were installed on their own workstations, and the safety officer have control over how certificates are used, who uses them and where they are used. The vinCERT solution is implemented in Spain by leading companies in the sectors of banking, insurance and distribution such as Bankia, Grupo Catalana Occidente, Generali and Mapfre Group and has over 40,000 users.