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Never before have we clicked and generated on as many interactions, transactions, tasks and personal activities as we do now; and we have never done it so fast. And, since most of our interactions take place online, the concept of identity is no longer limited only to the physical world. Digital ID is a reality in today’s interconnected world in which we live.

That e-identity is set by the information found online about a person or organization (personal information, professional information, images, news, comments, likes, friends, hobbies,… Will be key for the digitalization of companies wanting improvements in cost efficiencies, customer experience, the net promoter score, and competitive differentiation.

We have compiled here 4 of the most frequent questions about digital identity, and we have given them answers.

  • What is Digital ID?

The concept is very abstract, it refers to all the data that we are generating through the actions we carry out on the internet: records, comments, interactions, … We could associate it with our electronic fingerprint. However, we cannot understand what digital identity is without understanding its management.

Electronic ID management is a dynamic authentication technology designed for businesses that transact online. Unlike authentication based on static credentials. It’s now much more than a way to authenticate someone to access a resource. Digital identity management has matured into a more holistic and consumer-led model, driven by privacy, cybersecurity pressures and greater functional needs. The concept refers to identifying users with a network, application or system and controlling their access to resources within those systems and applications.

  • How Digital ID management works?

The management is based ensuring that only authenticated personnel are authorized with access to privilege defined information and online company data. Identity management is responsible for receiving access information, sorting access information into various access groups, determining user roles and providing access accordingly.

The process of identification is the fact of knowing the identity of a user based on a set of data that is retrieved from it, Associating the data set with a person is the identification process, which until now had to be done in person, It means that Digital Identity Management only lets authenticated personnel to send access requests to IAM, which authorizes access to company data.

  • Why is Digital ID important?

Digital ID and access systems are foundational elements of our shared future. It offers tremendous opportunities for individuals and society, especially for those without formal ID.

Digital identity management system offers you a comprehensive framework which ensures the implementation of access policies and technologies which are needed to support the effective management of authorized access based upon the privileges assigned to users. For example, consumers and providers of goods and services can use these new identities to simplify registration and authentication, make digital payments more secure, and facilitate e-KYC (Know Your Customer) identification for financial services. For their part, employees and employers can use it to facilitate talent identification, automatically verify experience and streamline payroll services. The ID’s generation will certainly be the driving force behind the new economy.

  • How do I choose the perfect digital ID solution for my business?

When deciding on one digital identity solution or another, we recommend you chose the one that meets the following requirements:

  • That it is legally binding and offers guarantees of compliance with laws and regulations such as eIDAS.
  • Identify your users with legal guarantees, organization must be able establish a Registration Authority (RA), to issue, control, manage, and revoke electronic certificates
  • Protect identities through qualified certificates, you need an ID solution that protects employees, clients, and service providers’ identities alike. Organizations can guarantee the identity of the people and devices that interact with their systems.

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