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More than twenty responsibles for information security of leading brands participated in the meeting, where we informed about the new rules of electronic signature and seal and the developments that our solution for centralized management of digital certificates provides to answer it.

Responsibles for information security of client companies vinCERT as Mapfre, BBVA, Catalana Occidente, Government of Navarra, Kutxabank, Iberdrola, Bankia and El Corte Ingles, among others, gathered at the Puerta America Hotel last May 25 to participate in the meeting.

In it Nacho Alamillo, a legal expert in digital identity and electronic signature, put them up on the changes involved in the new European regulations fof signature and electronic seal which comes into force in July, and we presented the news that the new version of vinCERT 4.0 will include, comprising a comprehensive package of improvements to comply with the new regulation and new features requested by customers. Among others, the new vinCERT will enable our customers to issue their own digital certificates.

The meeting was of great interest to all present, as demonstrated by the large number of questions that they made about the new legal environment and how our solution gets to meet to all the demands of the new regulations.