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Prevention, the key against ransomware attacks on companies and users

 Now that the storm has passed, and the WannaCry (short for WanaCrypt0r 2.0) ransomware attack seems to be over, it is time to take stock of the damage caused and, above all, to emphasize the importance of having a good security strategy in companies to neutralize or reduce the impact of this type of infections.

Since its virulent appearance last Friday, WannaCry has had the dubious honor of becoming the main protagonist in the international press for several days, after affecting 170 countries, including the US, the UK, and Spain, where it caused at least 1,200 infections.

But the attack also served to put the spotlight on the role of information security companies, recognizing their relevant work in an increasingly interconnected world.

Bearing in mind that total security does not exist, from vintegrisTECH we wanted to share some useful tips for companies and users. Our expert and security engineer Jordi Casas told TV3 that the best prevention “is to have a good backup policy, make the backups frequently, and additionally save them offline”.


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