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After the successful nebulaSUITE Summit 2018 with Microsoft, we finished the month of October by presenting the solution at the fourth edition of IdentiSIC: “Integration of IaM-CIaM into the heart of the digital business”. A day organised by the publication SIC has been once again the main scenario for reflection and debate on management and security of digital identity applied to business. IdentiSIC, co-sponsored by vintegrisTECH, brought together in Madrid no less than 170 first-class professionals and experts and was co-sponsored by CyberArk, EY, Micro Focus, One Identity, PwC, RSA, SailPoint, Thycotic, Transmit Security and vintegrisTECH.

Digital transformation opens the way to a new front in cybersecurity, and digital identity has become a new security barrier for business. In this context, José María Jiménez, Technical Director of vintegrisTECH, explained how digital identities help business and how to achieve fast and efficient management without being exposed.

The identity applied to the business implies different forms of use. For example, to be able to carry out an operation that requires a legal signature of a client digitally. Also, that business services are communicating with third-party servers continuously. Even our collaborators and users can access services or resources of third parties in a secure way. Therefore, when we speak of digital identity, we refer to our services, users and collaborators, customers, devices, but also to third-party services, users and collaborators.

On the day to address this great challenge before the 170 professionals, we present nebulaSUITE, the complete digital signature solution in mobility with legal recognition throughout the EU. We exposed all the different mechanisms for the control and protection of the digital identity, as well as the qualified personal digital certificates, the advanced and qualified digital signature, the electronic seal, the digital certificate of service and the robust double-factor authentication.


José María Jiménez, vintegrisTECH

José María jiménez, Technical Director of vintegrisTECH


As Jiménez points out, “we wanted to put into practical practice different examples on the uses of how our technology helps companies in different terms such as signing a customer document, reviewing the digital certificates of the servers of an organization, the centralization of electronic notifications, and access to third-party services through SAML using the double factor authentication of nebulaSUITE.”

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See the article published by Revista SIC /nº 132 November 2018 about this event (only in spanish)  IdentiSIC: La identidad digital como parte de la ‘seguridad por diseño’ de las estrategias de transformación

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