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Explain briefly what Víntegris is and what does Víntegris do?

Víntegris is a manufacturer of information security solutions and specialist in the areas of digital certificates, digital signature and robust authentication of users. We started our activity in Barcelona in 2004 as consultants and integrators of information security solution and we continue to maintain a division of services and integration. We count with a team of 60 employees and we are growing 30% each year.

What investment plans does Víntegris intend to develop?

During this 2016 we have strategically aligned our technologies with the different legal requirements imposed by legislation, both Spanish and European. Thus, Víntegris has been certified as a Trusted Services Provider (PSC) in order to issue digital certificates through our own certifying entity. We are also in the final stages of homologating our nebulaCERT technology to obtain Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification.

 What kind of clients do you have? From what sectors?

Most of our clients are Spanish corporations that are leaders in banking, insurance and distribution sectors. Our recent commitment to online business will allow us to expand the market and reach national and international clients from other sectors, both large corporations and SMEs.

Tell us about your conversion into a certifying entity? What is it exactly?

Organizations are increasingly looking for a global solution that allows them to electronically sign operations and documents comfortably, safely and under control, from any device and anywhere, something that is possible thanks to our nebulaCERT technology. Thanks to being a Certifying Entity (CA), our customers can now also create their own certificates comfortably within the same system, and will not depend on third parties to obtain and renew their certificates.

What is your Partner’s strategy and how will you develop it?

Until the end of 2015 we operated through a direct sales model. In 2016 we have started working together with six of the major integrators nationwide, which has facilitated the arrival of new accounts, and by 2017 we plan to pass this model through a wholesaler that allows us to reach a greater number of specialized partners. Equally, we have for 2017 the signing of distribution/representation agreements in different European and Asian countries.

What benefits will the agreement with Feitian bring to you?

Going side by side with this global manufacturer will allow us to access new markets and large international accounts. Feitian has clients the size of Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, Bank of China or China Mobile.

How do you visualize the expansion of the company in Latin America and which countries would be the ones that are considered priorities?

Our natural market, and one we would like to address, is the Spanish-speaking market, which we plan to access through the Mexican market. We have different companies/partners with whom we already have agreements in Spain, and we are exploring the expansion of the agreements to go hand in hand with them to the Latin American market.

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