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Recently we held nebulaSUITE Summit 2018, an event in which we presented the complete digital signature solution on the go and legally recognized throughout the EU, in conjunction with Microsoft and the participation of Astrea La Infopista Jurídica. It was a special occasion for us, and we are delighted with the excellent reception and the interest aroused among the attendees who attended the meeting. Held at the Madrid headquarters of Microsoft, nebulaSUITE Summit 2018 brought together professionals from various sectors, many of the clients and leads from vintegrisTECH but also companies and professionals from the legaltech industry.

Among the topics covered at nebulaSUITE Summit were, eIDAS the legal framework that regulates aspects of digital identity in Europe such as the electronic signature, and, the possibilities and security granted by cloud solutions over on-premise. The former was cover by speaker Nacho Alamillo Ph.D., lawyer, and director of Astrea La Infopista Legal and consultant to vintegrisTECH; with the later covered by Pere Barba, Cloud & PKI Services Manager for vintegrisTECH and Juan Manuel Servera, Cloud Architect of Microsoft. All this aroused the interest of the attendees, as was witnessed in the question time, many of which dealt precisely with the legal aspect of the digital signature.

As Nacho Alamillo pointed out, “the uniqueness of the eIDAS regulation concerning the directive is that it allows for remote electronic signatures with centralized keys. The notion that the European Commission made with the new regulation was to enable the possibility of transferring electronic signatures to the cloud “.

Pere Barba, for his part, pointed out that “Having a technology partner such as Microsoft will allow our clients great flexibility in the use of nebulaSUITE, an element to which we must incorporate the convenience in its use and compliance, as our product has the Common Criteria certificate.”

The advantages of the cloud for organizations: flexibility and security

The clients of vintegrisTECH that back nebulaSUITE in cloud mode are in luck, since from now on they will be able to use this solution from Azure, a product from Microsoft and one of the most significant cloud platforms on the market.

Thus, vintegrisTECH, with the technological support of Microsoft will be able to provide better service to companies that have to comply with the eIDAS regulation, in full force since 2016, and defining a new legal framework for electronic signatures for the European Union.

Working from Azure will allow vintegrisTECH clients to add to the advantages of nebulaSUITE – the only solution on the market that meets all the requirements of the new regulation transversely through a platform that fully manages the life cycle of digital identity, providing a solution to emission, management, discovery, inventory, monitoring and custody – its use from one of the most significant cloud platforms on the market.

From Microsoft’s public cloud clients will enjoy backups, storage, cost reduction, continuous technical support, and the flexibility to use any operating system… and of course security, as noted by Juan Manuel Servera “working with Azure is much safer than on-premise, we invest 1,000 million dollars each year in both security and digital security in our 300 plus data centres spread throughout the world and we periodically carry out preventive security campaigns of all our cloud services “.

Request your nebulaSUITE demo

From vintegrisTECH we would like to show our deepest gratitude to Microsoft and Astrea La Infopista Legal for their participation, and to all the attendees who wanted to know more about nebulaSUITE.

Finally, those who could not attend nebulaSUITE Summit 2018, you can discover the benefits of our complete digital identity solution in mobility by requesting a demo here.

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