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Our nebulaSUITE solution was one of the protagonists of IdentiSIC, the forum organized by the SIC Magazine held on 13 and 14 October in Madrid that hosted more than 300 participants, including heads of the ICT areas from medium and large organizations both public and private, specialists in the areas of cybersecurity, integrators, consultants and service providers.

IdentiSIC made an update on the management of identity and access, and Facundo Rojo and Jose M. Jimenez, CEO and technical director of Víntegris respectively, addressed the need to implement measures to ensure the identity not only of people, but also of things, presenting nebulaSUITE as guarantor of both aspects of digital identity.

IdentiSIC was an excellent opportunity to present nebulaSUITE to a first level audience, and also helped to position us as developer of top information security technologies. Among others, Víntegris starred with manufacturers like Dell and IBM and consultants such as Cap Gemini, Accenture, HP Security Services and Astrea.