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The videos with the most outstanding deliberations from the speakers of nebulaSUITE Summit 2018 are already available on our website. The event in which we presented the most complete digital signature solution in mobility with legal recognition in the EU, with the participation of Microsoft and Astrea Infopista jurídica.

nebulaSUITE Summit 2018 was the perfect occasion to learn more about digital identity and networking. Whether you attended and want to refresh your memory or were unable to go but had the desire to, we invite you to see the highlight videos by the speakers and experts Nacho Alamillo (Astrea La Infopista Jurídica), Juan Manuel Servera (Microsoft) and Pere Barba (vintegrisTECH).

On a day defined by topics such as legal validity and security in the cloud, we learned from them the importance of being updated to comply with regulations while ensuring the protection of information and users.

“The innovation of the eIDAS regulation with respect to the Directive is that it allows remote electronic signatures with centralized keys. “The decision that the European Commission made with the new regulation was to enable the possibility of transferring electronic signatures to the cloud”, concludes Nacho Alamillo when speaking about the regulation of the European Union that regulates the electronic signature and the digital identity.

For his part, Pere Barba highlights “vintegrisTECH is committed to implementing as a service a platform that covers different aspects of digital identity.” The nebulaSUITE solution from vintegrisTECH allows you to fully manage the digital identity life cycle and is available on Microsoft Azure. This allows vintegrisTECH, with the technological support of Microsoft, to provide a better service for companies to comply with eIDAS.

In this sense, Juan Manuel Servera mentions the importance of security, “working with Azure is much safer than on-premise; we invest 1,000 million dollars each year in both, physical and digital security in more than 300 of our data centres spread all over the world. ”

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These are some reflections that occurred on the day. If you want to know more, check out our videos.

If you prefer, you can also request your nebulaSUITE demo, and discover for yourself the only solution on the market that allows managing the full cycle of digital identity.

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