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BYTE TI Magazine / March 2016 / Pag. 33

Managing identities and doing it according to current and future regulations are the capabilities that show this interesting solution. 

The company vintegrisTECH has gone a step further and has evolved all its technologies to create nebulaSUITE, a solution that provides a global response to the new demands of the technological and legal environments, presided respectively by the rapid breakthrough in the market of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and by the entry into force of the European directive eIDAS of electronic signature and seal. nebulaSUITE is a global cloud solution for the demands of digital identity management and access to the Internet of Everything. In this new digital ecosystem, the suite of technologies presented by vintegrisTECH allows to manage the digital identities of the people and devices that interact within the system; Control access to the assets of organizations and streamline the processes of signing, all in a flexible way and from any location with the maximum guarantees of legal compliance. NebulaSUITE has its own Certification Authority (CA), which enables organizations to create digital certificates and seals, and use them to identify people and devices, manage certificates and manage their life cycle from the management platform in The cloud or “on premise “.

With nebulaSUITE, entities can also authenticate users and control their access to the system via adaptive multifactor (MFA) dynamic authentication. The platform allows you to choose the most suitable method for each user and easily manage your entire authentication environment.

Another advantage of nebulaSUITE is that it helps organizations to gain efficiency in making transactions easier by allowing employees or customers to sign documents with digital certificate and/or handwritten signature, as well as manage simple and complex workflows and do more dynamic legal procedures within its legal framework.

The nebulaSUITE benefits ensure that organizations comply with the European eIDAS directive on electronic signature and seal in their digital transactions and therefore facilitates business both within the EU and between organizations in the EU and the rest of the world.


 The number of people and digitally interconnected devices grows each day and exponentially increases the volume of information transferred on the network. This massive development raises serious risks about who can access our information and what use they will make of it. IoT is the intelligent connection of different components through the internet, be it devices, people, applications or data, and goes a step beyond the Internet of Things, which connects only machines.

In this context, trust in devices, data or people is key to ensuring the security of transactions: organizations rely entirely on digital identities to establish trust connections between devices and people, allowing them to exchange sensitive information and information without any risk that solves this suite organizations depend entirely on digital identities to establish trusted connections between devices and people, allowing them to exchange data and sensitive information safely. Something this suite is solving.

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