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nebulaSIGN Digital Signature Workflows: Agility and comfort processing legal documents

The digital signature is increasingly emerging as a revolutionary solution for processing documents, both for private companies and public institutions as well as for users. This is due to the security it offers, the convenience of its use and its potential.

The possibility of generating workflows is a highly appreciated quality in organisations that draw on a digital signature. Workflows are a great help in establishing orderly flows in signers of a digital document.

They seek to streamline the administrative, commercial and legal open processes, avoiding bottlenecks and the risk that these procedures will be lengthened over time.

Three reasons for using nebulaSIGN workflows

One of the most valued features of the nebulaSIGN solution (one of the nebulaSUITE components) is precisely its ability to generate workflows for better organisation and greater control over the digital signature process, within the relevant legal framework.

So, why use such workflows?

A reduction in time spent in signing documents. With nebulaSIGN, the automation of multiple signer workflows saves time and costs for the organisation. Thanks to them, it is possible to close agreements, validate contracts and carry out transactions faster and more cost-effective, streamlining the processes of signing and increasing the company’s productivity.

Greater comfort for all users. Whether the signatories are at a great distance from each other, or because it is necessary to gather many signatures in the shortest possible time, nebulaSIGN allows high flexibility for all of them. Unlike other solutions, it also offers the ability to add a remote signature with a centralised certificate at any step of the workflow.

Full control over the signature process. nebulaSIGN makes it possible to monitor the users who have signed the document in the workflow and when it was done, as well as knowing the reason why a signature has been rejected.

More agile signature processes: the case of an insurance company

One of the advantages of nebulaSIGN workflows for the user is how easy it is to create them; we could compare it with filling out a web form, but dynamically.

Many organisations already benefit from the signature workflows offered by nebulaSIGN. In the case of a company in the insurance sector, different local, regional and national internal charges will have to sign all the registrations, withdrawals and modifications policies.

The policy that needs to be signed is loaded into nebulaSIGN and triggers the automatic processes of communication to the various signatories to proceed with their review, approval and signature.

With the application of the workflows, it has gained speed in obtaining the signed policy without having to be sent on paper, which would also have generated expenses of printing, transport, storage and destruction of the document.

It is time to start using nebulaSIGN signature workflows

As we have seen, digital signature workflows are easy to use. Besides, they bring multiple advantages to organisations that want to save time and increase their productivity.

Do you have any questions about nebulaSIGN or want to request a demo of the product?Contact us; we will be happy to assist you and show you how the digital signature can help your company in an increasingly interconnected world.

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